Committees at Work

Christian Education Committee

The Christian Ed committee works to teach our young and old members how to love and serve God. We want our children to learn the importance of God and his ways in their lives and we want our adults to continue to learn of their journey walking in Jesus' footsteps.

Contact Laura Waetjen for more details.


Endowment Committee

The Committee oversees and manages donations to the church’s three endowment funds: (a) Permanent Endowment, (b) Quasi-endowment; (c) Luyben Music Endowment. Each of the funds is dedicated to investing, managing and growing funds to enhance the mission of Bausman. The Committee continues to inform, educate and promote planned giving among the congregation members.

Contact Nevin Hollinger for more details.


Evangelism/Communication Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to create and enhance our communication methods - Sunday Bulletin, Newsletter, Church Calendar, Website, E-blasts, Flyers, Visitor Information, Posters and Displays, Signage, Bulletin Boards, and Newspaper Articles & Advertisements - from our committees and ministries to the members of Bausman, visitors, other area churches, and the greater community.
Contact Mark Johnson for more details.

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The committee does the planning and organizing of various events for the community and members of Bausman to raise money for the church. There is a pie sale, golf tournament, chicken pot pie dinner, plant sale, rummage sale and other events throughout the year.

Contact Lori Moser or Bonnie Shiner for details.


Helping Hands Committee

The Helping Hands Committee continues to give assistance where needed to members of the congregation. Transportation to church, a major concern, is provided by a group of dedicated members. Meals have been provided to several members recovering from surgery or illness.

Contact Karen Good for more details.


Membership & Outreach Committee

The committee strives to strengthen membership both for potential new and current members with a variety of tasks and activities.

Contact Karen Good for more details.


Memorial Committee

The Memorial Committee is responsible for overseeing all memorial contributions. Memorial suggestions come from the family of the deceased, the minister, or from the committee.

Contact Priscilla Walsky for more details.


Property Committee

This committee is responsible for the physical infrastructure of the church and grounds. We are making sure that the building is safe, clean, and functional for all the activities taking place at Bausman. Whether it is preparing for the annual Rummage Sale, cleaning flower beds, or changing light bulbs, we are working behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly.

If you have any requests or questions, please contact Mark Johnson.


SOAR Committee

The S.O.A.R. (Service, Outreach and Renewal) Committee is a mission oriented group which supports many local community service and outreach organizations. The committee provides either monetary donations or offers volunteer opportunities to all Bausman members to participate in the various organizations’ activities. Please see the Service and Outreach page for more details about the organizations supported by S.O.A.R.

Contact Kathy Errich and Mike Ritter for more details.


Stewardship/Finance/Budget Committee

The Committee is responsible to insure accurate financial management and accounting procedures and policies are developed and utilized; preparation of the church’s annual budget; and, developing and implementing the church’s annual stewardship appeal.

Contact Nevin Hollinger for more details.


Women’s Committee

It is the goal of the Bausman Women's Committee to serve the church with activities such as serving Opportunity House dinners, making sauerkraut and then holding a sauerkraut dinner in the winter, making soup for our annual soup sale. In addition to the services mentioned, we provide a social environment for the members of the church and friends such as brunches and parties.

Contact Sue Wentzel for more details.



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